Decorated Christmas Gifts

Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

Tired of giving gift cards and books? Do you have someone on your gift list impossibly hard to buy for?

Of course you do. That’s why our team at Twas The Light is on a mission to make your life easier. We have done our research. We stay on top of the latest trends, gift guides, and must-have’s that any of your gift recipients will deem your gift to them this year as thoughtful and generous. Settle for nothing less.

Believe it or not, there is magic in the surprise of a gift. Shock your friends and family with something sentimental, something exquisite, or even something that will give them the best laugh of the season. Browse our gift guides for fun and fresh suggestions, or call us today to serve as your personal shopper! Let us help you be the best gift-giver this season!

Merry and Bright!

A warm welcome to Twas the Light where we make holidays cheery and keep every bulb burning bright!

With a twinkle in our eyes and a jingle in our step, we will help shed light on the installation and decorating process, and work to eliminate your holiday hassles. ‘Tis the season to branch out and find a wide selection of festive lighting and décor options that will dazzle and impress all your guests and passers-by.

There’s something magical about this time of year, no matter what your traditions may be. We serve all families and businesses with integrity and hard work. At Twas The Light, we offer you professional direction and consultation on any lighting or décor project. Through us, you will find resources and information about all your indoor and outdoor decorating desires.

Just add it to the list, we will check it twice!

Send Some Love Long-Distance

Thinking of someone far away? ‘Tis the season to send some love and let them know you care, even with miles between. A card never seems sufficient, and it must be something mailable – postage gets expensive! Our design stylists and professional holiday shopping fanatics have put together some of the HOTTEST ideas and mail-friendly gifts your long-distance loved ones will fall all over you with gratitude for.

Decorated Christmas Gifts

Start with a Free Consultation!

Not sure where to start? Call us for a free consultation. Our professional shoppers will come to you at your convenience or set up a time over the phone, hear your thoughts, and offer ideas. We find joy in helping you select the PERFECT gift, even those who are the hardest to buy for.

Decorated Christmas Gifts

Make it Personal

Add the personal touch of having your gift customized. Include the recipients’ name, date of marriage, baby’s first Christmas, or even a simple Thank You. Your personal message transforms your gift into something truly special that will be cherished for years to come. From ornaments to housewares, your words engraved on your gift will show them you went out of your way to let them know you care.

Spice it Up!

One element of choosing a successful unique gift includes giving someone something that is of immediate use to them. This can entail something like a gardening basket or cooking utensils with special engravings. These are excellent options and will make a fine addition to any kitchen. Food is such a universal experience with loads of potential for creative innovation, and we can help you put together a basket or arrangement that will excite their palette.

Packed Christmas Gifts
Decorated Christmas Gifts

Step Outside the Gift-Wrapped Box

There are certain products on the holiday market that can make an excellent addition to any home. Indoor options include something fun for a home office, or special personalized wreaths to give the house a touch of warmth. You can even get really creative and make common household items and doorways more festive. Now is the time to buy them something they typically wouldn’t have bought for themselves. We can help you get creative!

Fun for the Whole Family

We offer different board games that can shake up anyone’s typical Tuesday night. Costumes are a festive and appropriate product that can put a smile on everyone’s face. There’s nothing like seeing dad dressed up like Santa, or even better, the Grinch! There are some amazing toys on the market for children of ALL ages and interests (even the husbands and dads!).

Sometimes the gift is in HOW you wrap it! An interesting idea is to give someone a puzzle that contains another present inside. Make it fun by giving a two-phase present that allows for them to feel accomplished when they figure it out. This type of product can help build the anticipation and really put an interesting element into any gift that they won’t expect!

A Christmas Gift
Burning Christmas Candles

Think Practically

Let’s face it. Some of the best gifts we get are subscriptions, services, or even our kids offering to do chores for a whole day. Have you considered turning the tables and giving a special service as a gift to a friend or family member?

Do you know someone who has lost momentum or ability to put up a tree this year or hang their Christmas lights? Twas The Light now offers Our Services Gift Packages where you can give them their time-honored traditions back without having to lift a finger! Call us for our package pricing and we will happily coordinate our schedules to come decorate your mom’s house, your elderly neighbors’ exterior lights, or your Uncle’s front yard. Give them something truly special and unique by giving them our lighting installation and decorating services.

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