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A DIY Guide for your Great Ideas

Finding inspiration for your crafts and holiday creativity can often prove overwhelming and lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. We understand you have a very long list that you’ll need to check twice, which is why we make it our business to simplify your to-do and inspire those holiday projects that make you happy.

Our team of helpful elves here at Twas The Light have gone above and beyond this year to bring you the HOTTEST trends, the most FAVORITED gifts, and the best Do-It-Yourself project guide for all your constructive and creative projects. From candles to cross-stitching, you will find EVERYTHING you’ll need from start to finish here in our DIY guidebook, consultation services, and informational classes.

Merry and Bright!

A warm welcome to Twas the Light where we make holidays cheery and keep every bulb burning bright!

With a twinkle in our eyes and a jingle in our step, we will help shed light on the installation and decorating process, and work to eliminate your holiday hassles. ‘Tis the season to branch out and find a wide selection of festive lighting and décor options that will dazzle and impress all your guests and passers-by.

There’s something magical about this time of year, no matter what your traditions may be. We serve all families and businesses with integrity and hard work. At Twas The Light, we offer you professional direction and consultation on any lighting or décor project. Through us, you will find resources and information about all your indoor and outdoor decorating desires.

Just add it to the list, we will check it twice!

Fun Festive Color

Multi color twinkling lights are also increasing in popularity and are a viable option if you’re looking to spice things up with an animated effect. There are also unique shapes and decorative bulbs like Santa hats and snowflakes. The larger bulbs can have a different visual effect that may be favorable in some instances, especially on a larger tree or focused spot in your home.

Elegant Warm White

Warm White LED Christmas String Lights are also a traditional style to consider. White lights add a classic timeless feel for people wanting that elegant but warm and cozy vibe for their space. Our catalog provides everything from warm white to bright white bulbs that we can match to your preferences. We will help you find the right fit for brand, quality, style, and price for each location you wish to illuminate!

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Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Inspiration doesn’t have to start with the BEST idea that NO ONE has EVER thought of before. EVER. Inspiration surprises us when we least expect it. Which is what makes our craft and decorating projects great! It is also why we offer variety of options and popular ideas without the overwhelming part. Most people who chose the DIY route are looking for something unique, something to stand out from the rest, or something that adds that personal touch that says “I care”.

Add Your Personal Touch!

There is nothing more thoughtful than giving a gift that is personalized to the recipient. A great way to make a gift special is to make it yourself. This might take some time, materials, and a dash of love, but it will be a gift like no other. Need some ideas? Start a consultation with our team of personal shoppers. We stay up to date on the latest trends and all the must-have’s of the year!

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Freshen up your Holiday Style

Untangling strands of Christmas lights may not be your thing, but your hard work pays off. Of course you could always hire us to untangle and install them for you, but that’s not why you are here. Labor and electrical problems aside, decorating for the holidays is a part of your tradition and we want to help you freshen up your style this year. From wreaths and garland to themed lawn ornaments, our stylists and professional decorators have updated their guidebook to include the trendiest inspirational ideas for you to use. They are also available through our consulting services to shake off your dusty decorations, find your vibe, and bring it to life!

Tap in to our Treasure Trove of Ideas

Our team at Twas The Light have the network, outlets, and resources to complete the most challenging and epic projects that will meet all your holiday needs! Our consultation services will help you to deliberate between project ideas and make an informed decision based on what’s available. Our selection doesn’t disappoint and we have a working knowledge of all lighting applications to maintain the safety of all our clients. We offer special classes for those looking to find out new gift and decoration ideas for the home, your neighborhood, or even your book club!

Our motive is to make sure you’re well-equipped to make this the most memorable holiday yet. We will share with you the latest styles and offer options that will freshen up your festivities at your home or business. Our company has served as a source of inspiration and creative counsel and we continue to satisfy all our clients with exceptional customer service and personal care.

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Best Type of Lighting to Buy

When selecting lighting for your home or business there are a wide variety of stylized options to consider. To start, a bulb isn’t just a bulb when it comes to holiday lights. You can pick from traditional incandescent or the increasingly popular LED lights that display the same brightness at a fraction of the energy! LEDs are generally a safer option and many include extreme weatherproof lights that look like traditional incandescent, but prove much less risk of burning out or catching fire. Colors and shapes vary depending on brand and style, but with our help, we will find the right bulb for your safety and preferences.

When is it Okay to Hang your Lights?

Rule of thumb, the best time to hang your lights is relatively earlier in the season to beat the cold and allow you to enjoy them for a longer amount of time. However, there may be some who wish to install them at the last moment and there’s nothing wrong with that. Each person has their own preference when deciding to finally climb that ladder and hang the lights. Many people start their decorating projects very early for Halloween, and then change it up or add some more when Christmas rolls around.

If you are unsure of developing a smooth transition into your lighting project then give us a call for a second opinion. It’s very much up to individual preferences, but we say the earlier the better to safeguard from unpredictable weather changes and surprise cold snaps. Colder months tend to inhibit project effectiveness and overall convenience. Some people even keep certain lights up for the entire year! We offer services year-round which can install lighting for all holidays, weddings, or any other gatherings which require added lighting or decorative ambiance.

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Safety Suggestions for Fire Prevention

Your safety is our priority. We will never sell you product we wouldn’t use in our own homes. Tested and certified, each bulb and strand have been checked and pre-approved for installation, guaranteeing you a safe holiday season and a restful night’s sleep.

When installing lighting yourself, there are a few rules to keep in mind. The first is a rule that is broken too often that can save you from a fire. Don’t leave your lights on while unattended! Your neighbors may not be able to enjoy them when you’re on vacation but it’s worth having the extra security. In the event of an accident, you need to be present to address a potential accident. LED lighting can aid in more secure lighting situations and can be more reliable in fire prevention.

Better Safe than Sorry

The second most important rule is to consider your extension cords. Sounds silly, right? Poor outlet planning and outdated deteriorating wires are some of the most common causes of house fires during the holidays. It would be in your best interest to really think ahead and be smart about how you implement electrical extension cords. Take a look at how they are expected to hold up to weather conditions, how long they reach, if they have a grounder, and their maximum plug capacity. This can make the difference between fire and no fire.

Searching through your old lights and throwing them out is wiser than trying to tenuously reuse them for years to save money. Outdated and faulty wires cause accidents. It would be more expensive to replace your home than a strand of lights. Using three light strands per outlet is also another of many helpful tips to keep you safe this holiday season, and when you consult with us we will inform you with other suggestions when setting up your DIY lighting projects!

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